About Our Founder

MK Hill

MK grew up in Memphis, TN and has always had a heart for children in need. Her vision started to come to life when she began traveling to children’s homes and ministries overseas. With God’s guidance, a passion for His purpose, and a support system to help get her there, she has worked in 19 countries but found her place right back home in Memphis. Through her experiences around the world she found that, above all, people’s biggest desire is to feel known and loved. Meeting several families in need locally opened MK’s eyes to a different side of our city that she hadn’t had much exposure to before. The mission of Arrows Nest has been a lifelong dream become reality. MK has been a foster mother to over 30 children, adopted two, and claims at least 60 others in the neighborhood as forever family. MK believes that the impact made on these young lives through genuine relationship and the love of Jesus will be transformational for generations to come.

About Our TEAM

Arrows Nest would not be possible without the incredible tribe of support that has helped us become who we are today. Our neighbors, volunteers, family, and friends have stepped up in so many ways and built this organization into a beautiful picture of what our community can be. Our tribe is diverse in age, race, and economic status and it is so very encouraging to see people from all walks of life come together here for these children.