A Refuge of Hope for Children in Memphis


We provide holistic care and support to the children and families that cross our path, striving daily and hourly to reflect Jesus to those desperate for the hope and love that only He can provide.

What we do

We serve as a refuge of comfort and love for children in the Memphis area, and an open door for friends and neighbors who may have never experienced being welcome and accepted into the family of Christ.

Daily Needs

Meals, clothing, education, and spiritual support


A safe place to belong

Long Lasting Relationships

With the love of Christ at the center of it all

Monthly Block Parties

Neighborhood gatherings that encourage community and fun for all ages

Summer Meals & Activities

A good meal that students may otherwise not have since the schools normally provide the most consistent food source


Holiday Celebrations

Themed parties for the community to celebrate and enjoy activities such as Easter Egg Hunt, Trick-or-Treating, Christmas gifts, and Summer Fun 

Our Impact

Students provided with school supplies per year

Meals Provided per Week during summer months

STUDENTS PROVIDED WITH Christmas and Birthday Gifts PER YEAR

Our Refuge of hope

Arrows Nest serves as a place for children who visit, whether full-time or short-term, to have a safe place to play when school is out, attend backyard bible clubs and feel loved and supported no matter what.


“Arrows Nest is a safe place to keep these kids off the streets. There’s a lot of bad stuff going on out here and they need some guidance. Arrows Nest is that guide.”


“My kids ask to go over there every day and they just can’t wait for the next party. Ms. MK loves all my kids and, no matter what, she’s always there ”


“I just love what all they do for these kids and I’m so thankful. My grandkids always have a good time!”

“Arrows Nest has always been a wonderful place for our family to serve together. Whether we are sharing a meal, celebrating a holiday, or presenting a gospel-based devotion…the common themes are always love and hope. We have found Arrows Nest to be a bright light in Memphis where children and families experience unconditional love and acceptance.”


“Arrows Nest means a lot to my kids. They get to laugh, play, learn, love and it’s a place that brings smiles to all the faces that step foot in it. It’s also a place where kids can get a peace of mind if they are troubled by anything. My kids love the environment, the atmosphere and of course the founder. I wish there was an Arrows Nest in every neighborhood, so the kids can feel safe and loved.”


Volunteer with us!

It takes a village to raise a child, thank you for being a part of ours